Brand Development


We take a holistic approach to developing your brand identity. Many people mistake branding with a simplistic ‘look’ such as a logo, signage or marketing materials. To truly take on brand development you need to incorporate the visual, cultural and behavioural nature of your business. A brand is how you are perceived by others and we’ll work to make that perception one that works in your favour.

Web Design & Content


The approach to our website design is very much conversational. What do you want to say, how do you want to say it and what do you want the reader to do? A website is an introduction, perhaps a confirmation of your experience after an initial ‘in person meeting’, and an invitation to connect and move the conversation on to the next level.


Working in collaboration with Time IT we specialise in customising WordPress websites, providing a cost effective option for our clients. Our websites are inclusive of copy, photography and design.


Corporate Photography


Photography for events, head shots, marketing materials, product launches and more. H&K photography seeks to further your story by way of visual engagement with your audience. If a picture tells a thousand words, what words are you putting forward?


Social Media Management


Save time and frustration by engaging Hunter & King to manage your social media presence. Management includes photography, copy, response to comments and engagement on your behalf with targeted pages, groups and individuals.


Many people see active social media as creating content for people to engage with, forgetting that it’s just as important to engage with likeminded businesses and individuals via their content. We help you create your own posts and develop and maintain your community presence external to your own profile.